Used Volvo Hybrid Cars For Sale

Sustainable Mobility: Used Volvo Recharge Plug-in Hybrids

Volvo's Recharge plug-in hybrid cars represent a significant step toward sustainable transportation. These vehicles, equipped with a combination of a conventional petrol engine and a Lithium-ion battery-powered electric motor, offer a versatile solution for daily commuting needs. The electric range of these plug-in hybrids varies based on factors like model, driving style, and road conditions. One of the key advantages of plug-in hybrids is the flexibility they provide; the petrol engine serves as a backup between charges, ensuring that range anxiety is alleviated.

Charging these plug-in hybrids is designed to be convenient. Most owners charge their cars at home using a wall box in their garage. Workplaces and public charging stations also offer charging options, making them increasingly accessible. Charging times depend on various factors such as temperature and battery condition, with specific details available in the technical specifications for each model.

TMS Volvo has an extensive range of used Volvo Hybrid cars available to buy today

Test drive a used Volvo XC90 Hybrid, the luxury family plug-in hybrid SUV. Alternatively choose to test drive a used Volvo XC60, the dynamic plug-in hybrid midsize SUV that is available in multiple trims including the sport R-Design variant as well as the stunning T8 AWD Polestar Engineered model.

For something a little smaller we always have a great range of the ever-popular Volvo XC40. Test driving a used Volvo XC40 hybrid will make you understand why this award-winning plug-in hybrid SUV is built for city life.

As for the classic Volvo estate car, why not take a look at a used Volvo V60 hybrid or a used Volvo V90. Both are elegant estate cars that have been crafted for the ultimate comfort. Both are built for adventure and full of advanced technology.

As for a saloon, we suggest you test drive either a used Volvo S90 hybrid, which is elegant and beautifully crafted or a used S60 hybrid which offers performance, intuitive technology, comfort and an elegant design.

Volvo Selekt Explained

When you purchase a used Volvo from us you can rest assured that every used car has been fully inspected and manufacturer approved. All our Volvo Selekt cars include a full warranty and aftersales care that will ensure your vehicle is kept in pristine condition.

Discover more about Volvo Selekt, the pre-owned and used car programme that's the smartest way to buy a used Volvo.

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