Volvo Selekt Used Cars

What if a used car didn’t feel like a used car?

Whether you’re looking for a petrol, diesel, plug-in hybrid or fully electric used Volvo, by purchasing your next used car from TMS Volvo, you join the Volvo Selekt programme. It’s more than a vehicle, with Volvo Selekt you gain reassurance and a true Volvo experience, before and after we hand you the keys.

At TMS Volvo we have an extensive range of pre-owned Volvos, all hand-picked by our team of specialists. If you are looking for an automatic or manual transmission, plugin hybrid, petrol or diesel, here at TMS Volvo, we will do our very best to find your next dream car.

What is Volvo Selekt?

Volvo Selekt is Volvo's certified pre-owned car programme, embodying Volvo's steadfast commitment to delivering unmatched quality and reliability within the pre-owned car market. Every Volvo Selekt vehicle undergoes a meticulous and comprehensive inspection process, consisting of over 100 checks, ensuring it meets Volvo's stringent criteria for safety, performance, and aesthetics.

These exhaustive evaluations encompass every vital component, ranging from the engine's performance to the car's exterior condition, ensuring that the vehicle is in impeccable shape. Opting for a Volvo Selekt car ensures that your next used Volvo has been thoroughly inspected by Volvo trained technicians.

When you choose a Volvo Selekt vehicle, you're not merely purchasing a used car you are also receiving a comprehensive range of benefits. These include a minimum 12-month unlimited mileage warranty for cars less than five years old and MOT test cover for your car’s first or next MOT. Additionally, Volvo Selekt cars come with Volvo Assistance for a year, providing assurance that help is always at hand when needed. Furthermore, the programme offers a 30-day/1,500-mile satisfaction guarantee, underscoring Volvo's confidence in the quality and reliability of their Selekt cars. With Volvo Selekt, buyers can confidently make their choice, knowing they are acquiring a high-quality, dependable Volvo that adheres to the brand's rigorous standards.

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