Body Repair

TMS Body Repair technican working on a vehicle
TMS Body Repair technican working on a vehicle

Discovering a scratch, dent or any damage to your car can be frustrating and having it repaired will be one of your first thoughts.

Here at TMS Motor Group, our fully equipped body shop should be your first choice for repair.

We offer all types of bodywork repairs from light scratches or scuffs to large areas of paintwork damage, glass/windscreen chips, interior plastic/upholstery scratches, snags or tears, and alloy wheel repairs.

At TMS, you’re putting your car in the hands of specially trained, IMI accredited and expert technicians.

For your peace of mind, all our work is fully guaranteed. So, if the unthinkable should happen, contact TMS.

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Repair technician inspecting a recent repair to the paintwork on a car bonnet
Technician polishing the paintwork on a car following a repair
Technician inspecting the bonnet of a vehicle

What can we repair?

From paintwork scratches, minor dents, bumper scuffs or even alloy wheel repair, our fully trained Repair Technicians can assist you with them all. Below you'll find more information on how our Repair Technicians will perform your repair.

Alloy Wheel Repair

The repair of a damaged alloy wheel is carried out by firstly cleaning the alloys to reveal the extent of the damage. We will then be able to start the repair process on your wheel.

The repair process starts by covering the tyre before sanding any damaged area of the alloy wheel. A specialist filler is applied, before further sanding. We may do this multiple times, to ensure a flawless finish.

Finally, our Technicians will colour match the paint to your wheel and seamlessly blend the repair into the rest of the wheel. 

This option is a superb alternative to having to buy a replacement alloy wheel and will cost a fraction of the price of one.

Paint Repairs

A paint repair only focuses on the area of the panel that needs to be repaired. This means that we are able to provide car repairs that are much quicker and cheaper than using traditional car repair techniques.

All of our paint repairs will be carried out by our fully trained Repair Technicians. They use the latest colour matching technology to ensure that the repair to your car is perfectly matched.

Dent Repair

In certain cases, paint repair may not be necessary if the damage to a panel is minor. For minor damage, we can use a Paintless Dent Removal option, which is a quicker and cheaper option.

Repairs are carried out using specialist tools that enable our Technicians to manipulate the dent out of a body panel, returning the panel to its original factory shape, keeping the original paintwork intact.

Stone Chip Repair

A stone chip repair is a simple and easy repair for us. All of the repair work will be carried out by our Repair Technicians, using advanced products to ensure a quality repair for a cost-effective price.

By cosmetically improving any unsightly stone chips, using the latest colour matching paint technology, you'll have the most seamless repair you can get. During the touch-in process, we will finish with a light polish, ensuring your vehicle’s appearance is returned as close as possible to its original finish.

Glass or Windscreen Chips

If you notice even a small crack or chip in the windscreen of your vehicle, don't ignore it. It is quicker, and cheaper, to get small damage repaired than a fully cracked windscreen, which will usually need to be completely replaced.

The best practice is to repair the chip or crack as swiftly as possible.

Leather, Fabric, Vinyl and Interior Plastic Repairs

We're able to repair rips, tears, scratches on leather and/or vinyl. We can touch up faded and scuffed seats and get them looking like new again.

Car seat repairs can help maintain the value and general cosmetic appearance of your car, and can be carried out quickly and efficiently.

We are mobile - We can come to you...

For smaller repairs, our mobile car repair technicians will arrange a time and place to visit you and your vehicle. They possess the knowledge, experience and professionalism required in providing expert car repair solutions.

TMS Mobile Repair Van