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When it comes to leasing a vehicle, one size does not fit all. That's why TMS Volvo offer a superb selection of Business Contact Hire (BCH) and Personal Contract Hire (PCH) offers, throughout the Volvo range, with each leasing option tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Leasing a car is a cost-effective way to drive home in a brand-new Volvo car whilst benefiting from fixed monthly payments and the manufacturer warranties

Choose TMS Volvo for leasing options that match the sophistication of our vehicles. Whether you're a business professional seeking an executive SUV or a family in search of a car that focuses on comfort and safety, our leasing solutions are designed to meet your every need.

If you would like to discuss leasing your next Volvo, please email Alison Williams

Choosing a Volvo vehicle

Indulge in the opulence of Volvo's luxurious SUVs, where attention to detail meets comfort. The XC40, XC60, and XC90 stand as symbols of superb craftsmanship, offering spacious interiors, advanced features, and a superb driving experience.

Additionally, Volvo is driving the electric revolution forward with a range of stunning new fully electric vehicles such as the Volvo EX30 small SUV and 7-seater fully electric EX90. Experience emissions-free driving without compromising on style or performance. These electric vehicles showcase Volvo's commitment to a sustainable future, ensuring you enjoy the road ahead guilt-free.

Business Contract Hire (BCH)

Our Business Leasing option is designed for the dynamic world of corporate mobility. Whether you're a sole proprietor, a small business owner, or part of a larger corporation, TMS Volvo has the perfect fleet solution for you. Drive a Volvo that embodies professionalism, safety, and style. Enjoy tax efficiency, making Volvo the smart choice for your business fleet.

Tax Efficiency: One of the primary advantages of Business Leasing is its tax efficiency. Many businesses find this option appealing as they can often claim back a portion of the VAT, making it a cost-effective choice for corporate vehicle requirements.

Flexible Mileage Options: We understand that business needs can vary, and so does the mileage. With flexible mileage options, you have the freedom to choose a plan that aligns with your anticipated usage, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

Volvo Business Lease Offers

Elevate your fleet with our superb Volvo offers. Explore exclusive deals on premium business cars. Drive with luxury, performance, and innovation.

Volvo EX30 Exterior detail

Explore Our Business Contract Hire Models

Volvo offers a distinguished lineup of models tailored for corporate mobility.

Opt for the agile and sophisticated Volvo XC40, perfect for urban adventures. Choose the luxurious midsize Volvo XC60, seamlessly blending Scandinavian elegance with advanced technology or make yourself comfortable in our most luxurious SUV, the Volvo XC90.

Volvo's Fully Electric Models

Step into the next era of driving excellence, tailored for business users, with Volvo's latest lineup of fully electric cars.

Experience the future of automotive safety with the Volvo EX90, a fully electric 7-seater SUV engineered to set a new standard for passenger protection. This groundbreaking model seamlessly combines Volvo's commitment to safety with the efficiency and sophistication desired by business professionals.

For those businesses prioritising sustainability, the Volvo EX30 is their smallest-ever SUV, crafted to leave a minimal CO₂ footprint. Explore the perfect fusion of compact design and environmental consciousness as your corporate fleet navigates the roads in this fully electric marvel, making a statement about your commitment to eco-friendly business practices.

In the realm of pure electric crossovers, the Volvo EC40 stands out as a symbol of sophistication. Boasting a leather-free interior and featuring Google built-in, this crossover harmonises elegance with the latest technological innovations, making it an ideal choice for the discerning business professional.

Each model is available with customisable leasing plans, providing flexibility and reliability for your corporate fleet. Discover the perfect blend of performance, style, and functionality with our leasing options.

Volvo Offers

Personal Contract Hire (PCH)

For individuals who crave the Volvo experience without the long-term commitment, Personal Contract Hire is the answer. Revel in the simplicity of fixed monthly payments, allowing you to enjoy the latest Volvo models with ease.

Fixed Monthly Payments: With PCH, you'll enjoy the simplicity of fixed monthly payments, allowing you to budget effectively and eliminate any unexpected costs. It's the ideal solution for those who want to experience driving the latest models without the worries of depreciation.

Return Your Car When the Contract Ends: When your contract ends, simply return the vehicle and choose your next vehicle. Say goodbye to the hassles of reselling your vehicle and car depreciation – with PCH, it's all about enjoying the journey.

Volvo Sales Handover

Why Choose TMS Volvo for your next lease car

Family is at the heart of everything we do at TMS Volvo and we are immensely proud to be a family-owned and run business in the heart of the Midlands.

We have always aimed to differentiate ourselves from other car leasing companies. With the vast amount of experience and the high level of knowledge, skills, and professionalism that every member of our team brings, we always ensure that we exceed our customers' expectations. Our focus on providing our customers with the highest level of care and service.

Whatever your vehicle requirements or individual circumstances we will be able to help. Whether you're looking for a personal or business leasing deal, when you choose TMS Volvo we will strive to provide you with an excellent experience at every stage of the process. We offer a unique personal service, delivered with care and quality that makes us stand out from the crowd.

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If you would like to discuss leasing your next Volvo, please email Alison Williams

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