Purchase Your Volvo Online

The side profile of a Volvo S60 sedan.

Find out how to buy your Volvo online and make it yours for keeps. A Volvo car purchase is easy, with fast and secure payment by cash or credit card.

Buying your Volvo outright online is easy. First pay a refundable deposit then the full amount before delivery, and the car is yours. Making the car yours means you pay everything upfront and you won’t need to worry about subscription costs. There are of course no mileage limits when you own your car, so you’re free to drive as far as you like.

What is included with a car purchase?

Roadside assistance

If you have an accident, breakdown, lockout, flat tyre or any other vehicle-related problem, simply press your car’s assist button in your overhead console to request assistance. If we can’t help on the spot, we’ll tow you to a Volvo retailer. Roadside assistance is at your service 24/7.

Home delivery

For your convenience, you can have your new Volvo delivered directly to your door, at no extra cost. When your car is ready, we will contact you to schedule delivery. Either choose a retailer for pickup, or let our sales team/your Volvo retailer know that you would like your car home-delivered and give them details of your address. We will then arrange for the vehicle to be dropped off at the location and time of your choice. The delivery agent will also give you an introduction to your new vehicle.

Digital services

Enjoy a range of Google apps and services free for 4 years. A comprehensive in-car package includes best-in-class navigation via Google Maps, hands-free help with Google Assistant and a broad selection of native in-car apps via Google Play. You also get access to the Volvo On Call app and the wireless phone charger. When the 4 year period expires, a prolongment will be offered and a subscription fee added if you choose to renew.

Volvo cars app

One app. Everything Volvo. From monitoring the charging of your vehicle to ensuring the interior temperature is just right. Enjoy the increased security provided by remote locking via your phone. Keep track of business trips, or quickly schedule your next service appointment. Volvo Cars app provides a personal experience and a total support network to help you get the most from your car. The car includes 4 years access to the Volvo Car App remote functions. When the 4 year period expires, a prolongment will be offered and a subscription fee added if you choose to renew.

Driveaway insurance *

Volvo Driveaway insurance offers you free comprehensive cover for 7 days, the moment you pick up your car. This allows you more time to arrange your annual insurance. The length of cover is dependent on when your annual policy begins and whether you have arranged extended cover with us. Driveaway insurance can also help your dealer with fast registration of your vehicle.

*Insurance subject to acceptance criteria from the insurer being met.

Electric Vehicles Only

Extended battery warranty

For 8 years from date of delivery to the first owner, or the car is driven 100,000 miles (whichever comes first), any material defect on the hybrid lithium battery pack* will be rectified free of charge by an authorised Volvo retailer. As with all lithium batteries, the ones fitted in Volvo hybrids will experience gradual capacity loss with time and use. Loss of battery capacity due to or resulting from normal gradual capacity loss is not covered under the Volvo new car warranty.

Service Plan Plus

Comprehensive cover for 3 years on electric cars.

Service - Vehicle maintenance for 3 years or 60,000 miles.
Wear & tear coverage - Cover for worn parts, during scheduled service for 3 years or 60,000 miles.
Loan car - A replacement vehicle anytime your own car needs service or repair.
Pick up and delivery - Collection and delivery of your car if needed.

How purchase works​

1 - Order your car

Order your new Volvo online according to your requirements and specifications. The car will be yours for keeps once the transaction is complete.

2 - Pay a refundable deposit

You will pay a deposit when placing the order for your car. This will be refunded when the car is delivered.

3 - Pay full amount before delivery

When the car is ready to be delivered, it’s time to pay the full amount. You will receive notice close to the time of delivery.

Contact us

For further help and guidance please contact a member of our team.

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