Volvo Service Plans

Simplified and Smart Servicing - Fixed Cost Servicing with a Volvo Service Plan

A Volvo Service Plan is a pre-paid maintenance plan that allows customers to budget for and plan their vehicle's scheduled maintenance. With a Volvo Service Plan, you can enjoy fixed prices on parts, labour, and oil. These can be paid in one payment or split across manageable monthly payments, the choice is yours.

When visiting our Volvo-trained technicians, you will also receive our Volvo Service Promise including 12 months' Volvo Assistance breakdown cover and the latest software update for your car.

Service Plan Key Benefits:

1. Services carried out by our Volvo-trained technicians
2. Purchase your plan in full or split it into monthly payments
3. Service prices fixed for the duration of your plan
4. Includes Volvo Service Promise benefits

Relax in the knowledge that our experts will look after both you and your Volvo.

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Purchase a Volvo Service Plan from TMS Volvo.

It’s an easy and smart way to handle the cost of servicing your Volvo on an interest-free monthly basis.,

Benefits of a Volvo Service Plan include:

  • Fixed-price servicing for the duration of the plan
  • Scheduled maintenance performed by trained Volvo technicians
  • Use of genuine Volvo parts
  • Potential cost savings compared to paying for service on an as-needed basis
  • The convenience of having all service needs planned out in advance
  • It could also help maintaining the car value and the warranty.

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