Volvo Windscreen Repair

Glass - Part of the car’s advanced safety features

The safety systems in a Volvo are designed to interact with each other - and to operate together with certain key components. It is very important that the replacement, adjustment or repair of these key components is carried out using Volvo Genuine parts as well as the right tools and the right method in order to guarantee the function of the safety systems.

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Volvo City Safety

Sensors, laser, radar & cameras

Safety features can be found on your Volvo in the windscreen, bumper and grille.

Volvo Safety Features

​Safety systems dependent on the windscreen

Volvo Safety Systems
Volvo Forward Collision Warning


  • Lane Keeping Aid
  • Driver Alert
  • Road Sign Traffic Information
  • Auto Head Beam Control
  • Adaptive Cruise Control Stop & Go
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Forward Collision Warning with Autobrake
  • Distance Alert
  • Laser

    • ​City Safety
    • Crash and Roll Over Protection System
    • Sun-light sensor
    • Glare sensor
    • Rain sensor
    • Humidity sensor
    • Climate setting –Energy transmission
    • Glass lifting mechanics
    • Antennas
    • Defroster performance
    • Graphical HUD
    • And more

    Volvo Airbags

    Preserving safety​

    ​The windscreen is an important component for the structural strength of the car body.

    • ​Must withstand the power of a deploying airbag
    • Stabilises the roof of the vehicle if it should roll over or collide

    ​How safe the car is after a windscreen replacement is determined by method, material and people​.

    Examples of risk factors:

    • ​Method - Not giving the adhesive enough time to harden
    • Material - Not using the right adhesive, not using Genuine parts
    • People - Lack of training and knowledge

    Volvo Genuine windscreen​

    ​Some safety systems are sensitive to optical and geometric tolerances, glass thickness and mass. The City Safety software is configured for every specific windscreen variant. Correct function can only be guaranteed by a windscreen with correct features and tolerances in combination with correct configured software. 

    It is necessary to calibrate the Forward Sensing Module using our unique diagnostic equipment (VIDA), in order to secure the functionality of Collision Warning with Full Autobrake and Pedestrian Detection, when a windscreen has been replaced.

    Volvo Collision Warning with Pedestrian Detection

    Volvo Original Parts

    ​Volvo original equipment parts vs non-genuine parts​

    ​Factors differing Volvo original equipment​ parts from non genuine parts​:

    Functional integration

    • ​Light transmission – not only legal 
    • Energy transmission

    Mechanical integration

    • ​Sensors have limits 
    • Sensors are fine-tuned 
    • Safety 
    • Gluing to car body

    Direct Glazing 2 Comp PUR Aftermarket adhesive​

    ​Tested and approved by Volvo Cars 

    • ​Ensured curing process independent of the ambient humidity. 
    • Compatible with the previous PUR adhesive, (the residual PUR bead on the body flange). 
    • Possible to reactivate the pre-primed glass primer on Volvo original replacement window.

    Volvo Windscreen Replacement

    Calibration after windscreen replacement

    All windscreen replacement requires calibration:

    • Included in the allocated time for replacement
    • We can trace if it has been done
    • Included in the training for glass repair
    • Requires access to our unique diagnostic equipment (VIDA)

    Recommendations for preserved safety​

    • ​​Replace components with Volvo Genuine parts 
    • Use the right repair methods, e.g. cold method to cut out the windscreen 
    • Use the right calibration equipment, our diagnostic equipment (VIDA)
    • Windscreen replacement must be carried out by personnel with the right training
    Volvo Windscreen Repairs

    Volvo Genuine Windscreens

    The windscreen​

    • ​​An important component for the structural strength of the car body  
    • Using Volvo-specified two-component adhesives will bond the windscreen to the same strength as when assembled in the factory 
    • Important for several safety features
    • The software for City Safety is tuned for each variant of Volvo Genuine windscreens to function as intended  
    • Calibrations in our diagnostic equipment (VIDA) to secure the functionality of several safety systems after replacement

    The right parts, methods & components

    • It is important that replacement of parts, repairs or adjustments are done with the right equipment and methods - according to the instructions in Volvo Cars’ advanced workshop system VIDA
    • The best way to preserve safety is always to use Volvo Genuine parts combined with Volvo knowledge, training and specialized equipment
    Volvo Genuine Parts