Genuine Volvo Windscreen Replacements

Understanding the safety that a Genuine Volvo Windscreens provides

Did you know that your windscreen is one of the most important safety features in your Volvo? Not only does it have to ensure a perfectly clear and crisp view of what’s in front of you, but it is also part of the structural strength of the car.

The windscreen must be seen as a safety feature. However, it is not just the windscreen that is necessary to maintain safety integrity, the correct tools and installation are also required to be sure of a secure installation. Only Volvo installation methods will use a Genuine Volvo Windscreen replacement along with the accompanying adhesive.

Volvo's safety systems are designed to interact with each other and here at TMS Volvo, you can be assured we only use and fit Genuine Volvo Windscreens. It is very important that any replacement windscreen, along with any adjustments or repair of these key safety systems, is carried out using only genuine Volvo parts, together with the correct tools and following installation methods set out by Volvo.

All genuine Volvo windscreens have been tested to a specific set of requirements. These include its mechanical strength, light transmission, checks for any optical distortion or secondary imaging, colour identification and resistance to any temperature changes.

Volvo considers these specifications to be basic and goes much further in certain areas in order to support some of our advanced safety features.

Volvo technicians installing a geniune Volvo windscreen
Volvo technicians installing a geniune Volvo windscreen

Volvo’s Autonomous Safety Systems Rely on the Windscreen

Some safety systems are sensitive to both optical and geometric tolerances as well as glass thickness and mass. The City Safety software is configured for every specific windscreen variant. The correct function can only be guaranteed by a windscreen with correct features and tolerances in combination with the correct configured software.

When replacing a windscreen it is necessary to recalibrate the Forward Sensing Module using our diagnostic equipment (VIDA), in order to secure the functionality of Collision Warning with Full Autobrake and Pedestrian Detection.

Genuine Volvo Windscreens vs Aftermarket Windscreens

There are third-party or aftermarket windscreens available. For reasons of economy, common solutions have been developed by the third parties that ‘fit’ many different car lines. Only genuine Volvo windscreens have been made specifically for your model and there is no compromise to their fitment. 

Using a genuine Volvo windscreen will ensure that the safety systems that are specifically dependent on the windscreen will continue to work as they were designed.

Factors differing Volvo original equipment parts from non-genuine parts:

Functional integration

  • Light transmission – not only legal
  • Energy transmission

Mechanical integration

  1. Sensors have limits
  2. Sensors are fine-tuned
  3. Safety
  4. Glueing to the car body

Direct Glazing 2 Comp PUR Aftermarket adhesive - Tested and approved by Volvo Cars

  • Ensured curing process independent of the ambient humidity.
  • Compatible with the previous PUR adhesive, (the residual PUR bead on the body flange).
  • Possible to reactivate the pre-primed glass primer on Volvo original replacement window.

Calibration After Windscreen Replacement

All windscreen replacements require calibration.

  • Included in the allocated time for replacement
  • We can trace if it has been done
  • Included in the training for glass repair
  • Requires access to our unique diagnostic equipment (VIDA)

Preserving Safety

The windscreen is an important component for the structural strength of the car body.

  • Must withstand the power of a deploying airbag
  • Stabilises the roof of the vehicle if it should roll over or collide
  • How safe the car is after a windscreen replacement is determined by method, material and people.

Examples of risk factors:

  • Method - Not giving the adhesive enough time to harden
  • Material - Not using the right adhesive, not using Genuine parts
  • People - Lack of training and knowledge

Safety Systems Dependent on the Windscreen

Sensors, laser, radar & cameras. These safety features can be found on your Volvo in the windscreen, bumper and grille.


  • Lane Keeping Aid
  • Driver Alert
  • Road Sign Traffic Information
  • Auto Head Beam Control
  • Adaptive Cruise Control Stop & Go
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Forward Collision Warning with Autobrake
  • Distance Alert
  • Laser

    • City Safety
    • Crash and Roll Over Protection System
    • Sun-light sensor
    • Glare sensor
    • Rain sensor
    • Humidity sensor
    • Climate setting –Energy transmission
    • Glass lifting mechanics
    • Antennas
    • Defroster performance
    • Graphical HUD
    • And more