The Kia EV6 Experience arrives at TMS Kia

The amazing Kia EV6 unveiled at TMS and suffice to say, everyone was suitably impressed.

With Kia one of their biggest ambitions is to make all of their future electric cars simple, intuitive and with an integrated experience for you the driver, the passenger and the world around them. The EV6 does that and much more.

Seeing photos of the Kia EV6 is one thing but seeing this stunning vehicle in person is something very special. From every angle, the EV6 is a real head-turner. Bold design and cutting edge technology are at the forefront of the new Kia EV6 and coupled with an incredible electric performance we were genuinely excited for the lucky customers that have pre-ordered their EV6.

After the unveiling, we got our first glimpse of the Kia EV6 in person and we were not disappointed. Its striking silhouette will be something that stays long in the memory and its bold, athletic and muscular design makes it a huge statement of intent from Kia and the future of their electric vehicles.

Walking around the EV6 you'll discover its digital tiger face with distinctive daytime running lights, headlights with built-in high beam technology that adapts for other road users and a stunningly designed curved tail-light arch that animates when the vehicle is turned on.

On a lot of electric cars, the charge port is a door on the side of the vehicle, but on the EV6 they have a simple and elegant hidden rear charge port that looks like it's part of the bodywork.

Everyone agreed that all of these subtle design elements give the EV6 a sleek, futuristic and eye-catching appearance.

The 21-inch wheels, on the EV6 GT, are positioned further into the corners, which extends the wheelbase and allows for more space internally. The longer wheelbase will also give you much better stability and agility from the car.

We were informed, by the Kia demonstrator, that by using the 800-volt charging technology, a 5 minute "supercharge" will give you a 60-mile charge. Currently, that's one of the fastest charging cars on the road.

The performance of EV6 is breathtaking. The EV6 GT, coming to us next year, has an estimated 500 horsepower and a 0 to 62 mph time of 3.5 secs. That's supercar performance for a fraction of the price. Kia has perfectly tuned the suspension of the EV6 giving you a comfortable ride and great feedback of the road beneath. On the Kia EV6 GT model, the suspension is electronically controlled.

With all-electric vehicles, the range of the vehicle is one of our most frequently asked questions. With the Kia EV6, you'll get approximately 316 miles depending on certain factors. We discovered that Kia has technology that will warm the batteries in colder conditions helping to maintain longer distances. As battery technology is very versatile, you can also tow up to 1600kg with the EV6, which is the maximum weight of a single axle caravan. Additionally, the EV6 will only start if you have more than 35% charge in the battery ensuring you have enough capacity to get to your destination or next charging point.

Moving on to the interior of the EV6, looking from the outside it appears that you have lots of space and that is true. We were very impressed with the amount of leg and headroom for the taller drivers. The design of the interior and the materials used live up to the Kia eco philosophy, with sustainability being the heart of Kia inspiration. We were told that on some trims over 100 plastic bottles have been recycled to make the gorgeously comfortable seats and fabrics.

The two 12.3 inch curved displays showed everything we needed to know, from information about the car, the entertainment and the connectivity. And on the higher grade EV6 models, the heads up display with augmented reality is something of sheer beauty. It tells you how close you are to the car in front, when your next turn is, lane management when you're on motorways or dual carriageways and so much more.

The technology built into the EV6 is fascinating. Technology such as regenerative braking, that is user-controllable as to how much regenerative braking you have on the car. You can even configure the EV6 to a one-pedal setup that brakes when you lift your foot. perfect for city centre driving.

One further new technology that we've not seen before is the Vehicle to load technology, which allows you to power everyday items from the EV6 using its included standard 3 pin plug adaptor. Simply put, the EV6 is the biggest power bank you can take anywhere with you.

To sum up, we were incredibly impressed with every aspect of the new Kia EV6, we can't wait for our customers who have pre-ordered their EV6 to take delivery.

Without a doubt, we have seen the future and we are very excited.