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Kia SMART Repair

SMART Repair technician inspecting a recent repair to the paintwork on a car bonnet

Scratches, chips, or any blemish on your beloved Kia can be a disheartening moment but fear not – at TMS Kia, we're here to turn frustration into satisfaction with our unparalleled SMART Repair service.

Make TMS Kia your foremost choice for excellent bodywork, bumper, and alloy wheel repairs on your Kia. From subtle stone chips to more noticeable dents, or the intricate damage to your alloy wheels, our dedicated team of SMART Repair technicians stands ready to restore your vehicle to its pristine glory.

Don't let imperfections linger; reach out to our specialist SMART Repair team, and we'll swiftly and skillfully take care of the repairs, leaving your Kia looking flawless once again.

Because at TMS Kia, we're not just here for your cars; we're here for you.

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Ready to transform the way your Kia looks? Getting a quote for our SMART Repair service is as easy as 1-2-3. Here's our step-by-step guide to obtain a repair quote.

Step 1: Start by confirming you're not a robot. Then enter your registration number or select your vehicle from the list, then follow the inviting green buttons guiding you through the process.

Step 2: Select the damaged zones that need attention on your Kia, and choose the most fitting damage description(s).

Step 3: If you can, snap a quick photo to give us a closer look at both the location and the severity of the damage on your car.

Can't figure it out? No worries, just hit the trusty "?" button for a helping hand.

Once you've completed all the details, hit submit. We'll promptly receive your request and reach out to you with an accurate, affordable, and personalised quote for your SMART Repair. Your Kia is about to shine brighter than ever – let's make it happen!

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What Can We Repair?

From the subtlest paintwork scratches to the most noticeable dents, bumper scuffs, or alloy wheel imperfections, our team of highly trained SMART Repair technicians is here to restore your Kia's glory. We offer

Dent Repair

When it comes to minor panel damage, our Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) option emerges as the hero – a swift and cost-effective solution. Our skilled technicians employ specialised tools to artfully manipulate the dent out of the body panel, restoring it to its original factory shape while preserving the integrity of the original paintwork.

Stone Chip Repair

Unsightly stone chips don't stand a chance. Our SMART Repair technicians work their magic using advanced products to ensure a high-quality repair at a pocket-friendly price. Through meticulous touch-in processes and the latest colour-matching paint technology, we guarantee a seamless repair, finishing with a light polish to restore your vehicle's appearance to its original finish.

Alloy Wheel Repair

Damaged alloy wheel? We've got you covered. Our repair process begins with a thorough cleaning, revealing the extent of the damage. From sanding and applying specialist filler to precise colour matching and seamless blending, our technicians work tirelessly to breathe new life into your wheel. This superb alternative saves you a fraction of the cost compared to replacing a wheel entirely.

Paint Repairs

Our SMART paint repairs redefine efficiency. Focusing solely on the damaged area, we deliver swift and cost-effective solutions compared to traditional methods. Our fully trained SMART Repair technicians use cutting-edge colour-matching technology to ensure a flawless repair, giving your Kia the care it deserves without breaking the bank.

At TMS Kia, we don't just repair – we rejuvenate. Trust us to bring out the best in your vehicle, one repair at a time.