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Kia Accessories and Parts

Kia Sportage shown with bike carrier

Every Kia driver is unique, which is why Kia have designed a wide range of additional features and car accessories to make your Kia truly your own.

Genuine Kia accessories are designed and engineered to enhance the looks and capabilities of your vehicle and are precision-made to fit perfectly. They follow stringent Engineering Standards as defined by the manufacturer. High-quality materials and stringent attention to detail ensure that our accessories meet the rigorous manufacturing standards demanded of all products.

Here at TMS Kia, you can browse through Kia's range of aesthetic and functional car accessories for all of the models throughout the Kia range. Make your Kia stand out with their range of interior and exterior accessories.

We also stock a range of Kia parts for all current and past Kia models.

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Kia knows how important it is to keep your Kia running smoothly so you can continue to drive worry-free. At TMS Kia we recommend using only Kia Genuine Parts fitted by our Kia Trained Technicians all engineered to precise and exact standards by Kia, matching the original specification of the vehicle. Non-genuine parts may compromise the performance of your Kia, and may also invalidate your warranty. Kia Genuine Parts are available from any Kia dealer at competitive prices and are covered by a 2 year warranty.

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Well maintained tyres mean better performance, improved fuel economy and more grip in adverse weather conditions. At TMS Kia we offer a wide range of tyres at extremely competitive prices.

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