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EV Maintenance Guide

Why choose TMS Kia to maintain your electric or hybrid vehicle​

Here at TMS Kia, we are specialists in the service and maintenance of the new generation of electric and hybrid vehicles. With all new technology, we want you to rest assured your vehicle is in safe and qualified hands. All TMS service technicians are fully trained to the highest Kia standards to ensure your Kia electric vehicle is in the best possible driving condition.

We've put together this guide on electric vehicle (EV) maintenance and the importance of using qualified Kia trained professionals.

if you have any questions we are here to help you.

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Our guide to charging your electric vehicle

We are all very familiar with charging a mobile phone or an electric toothbrush and charging the battery of your Kia electric car is just as simple. All you require is a charger and the correct connecting cable. 

Inside your Kia the OBC (On Board Charger) dictates your choice of cable and charger. There is a choice of one or three-phase systems and chargers. Three-phase systems generally charge faster. Your home power supply, whether it is one- or three-phase and how many kilowatts, is the final factor that affects the charging time.

Most domestic properties have single phase power which means the maximum charging rate is 7kW. While faster chargepoints are available (such as a 22kW unit), these are usually found in commercial properties where there is a three phase power supply.​

Charging at home​

Just like other electric devices, most Kia EV drivers charge their car at home. With a convenient wall box charger installed, the battery can be charged overnight so it‘s ready and waiting for you to drive off with full power in the morning. Kia has partnered with Pod Point and bp pulse for the installation of a home charge point. Home charging points charge your car at 3.7kW or 7kW giving about 15-30 miles of range per hour of charge (compared to 2.3kW from a 3 pin plug which provides up to 8 miles of range per hour).

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KiaCharge Public charging

KiaCharge gives you access to most public charge points in the UK and Europe. With the KiaCharge card and app, you can easily find the charging station you need, plan a route and pay. KiaCharge keeps it all in one place.​​

Charging cable

A Mode 3 charging cable provides the fastest-possible (AC) charging at both public and home-charging points. At smart charging points, it also enables you to see the battery’s charging status. The cable automatically locks to the car and the charging point.

Prolonging your battery’s life with coolant fluid

The life of your Kia’s HV (high-voltage) battery depends very much on how well it is maintained. Proper care will help to extend its lifetime and optimise its performance. Essential maintenance involves the replacement of the low-conductivity coolant every three years or 30,000 miles – whichever is sooner. This coolant is specially formulated to dissipate heat from the battery, in order to help it perform better and last longer. Replacement according to the maintenance schedule will help prolong the life of your Kia's high-voltage battery.

Safe tyre maintenance

Tyres play a vital part in driving safety in any type of vehicle, as they are the only part of the vehicle that has contact with the road. Grip, steering, cornering, braking and accelerating all rely on well-performing tyres in good condition. Because the weight of the battery might affect your tyres’ longevity, it is especially important to keep them regularly checked and well maintained.

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Electric Vehicle FAQs - Your Questions Answered

Q: What is the total cost of ownership of a battery-electric vehicle?

A: Because it has fewer moving parts, an electric vehicle generally requires less maintenance. This reduces its cost of ownership compared with a petrol- or diesel- engine vehicle. Kia Care service plans fixes labour and parts costs for future servicing, for extra peace of mind.

Q: How often will my Kia electric car need servicing?

A: This will depend on its age and mileage. You can find the service schedules for different models here.

Q: How can I make my battery last as long as possible before replacement?

A: Taking good care of your battery is essential. Kia workshops have the specialist equipment – such as the Kia Battery Balancer – to help. Regularly replacing the low- conductivity coolant (every three years or 30,000 miles) also plays a key role in extending battery life.

Q: How do I charge my Kia EV at home?

A: A wall box charger fitted at your home is a convenient way to charge your Kia EV. Kia have partnered with bp pulse and Pod Point for the installation of your home charge point. Ask us for further informaion..

Q: Why is the service warning light on?

A: There are several possible reasons. Your authorised Kia dealership will be able to quickly identify the issue using specialist diagnostic equipment.

Q: Why is the power warning light on?

A: The most likely reason is that it’s time to recharge the car’s battery. You should do this immediately. If the light is still on after the battery has been charged, your authorised Kia dealership will be able to identify the issue.

Q: What should I do if my Kia EV breaks down?

A: If you have Kia Roadside Assistance you don’t need to worry, just call them and help will be quickly on its way. You can buy Kia Roadside by visiting our webpage. Alternatively, call your roadside assistance provider or your dealer for help. If you have signed up for the Kia Roadside Assistance Service you will be prepared for this situation and help will quickly be on its way.