Fix Servicing Costs With A Service Plan

You can fix your servicing costs for up to 5 years

TMS Service Plan

Regular servicing keeps your vehicle reliable, safe, roadworthy, and running efficiently and economically.

And it’s not just when you’re driving that you’ll see the benefits. You’ll notice the difference when you come to sell your vehicle too. That’s because a full service history can add to your vehicle’s resale value!

"Wouldn’t it be great if you could budget for your car servicing monthly, fixing the cost at today's prices for up to 5 years…”

Well, you can with a TMS Service Plan.

A TMS Service Plan not only makes sure your vehicle is expertly cared for, it also helps you budget. Choose from a low monthly interest-free payment or one affordable upfront payment. Then that’s all you pay for the length of the plan – even if parts or labour costs rise. And you’ll always get a service carried out by trained technicians using genuine parts and recommended oil.

There’s no contract, so you can cancel at any time. But there are extra benefits; like a free vehicle health check, puncture repairs and much more.

It is servicing made simple and made simply better.

Features and Benefits

All service prices are fixed for the duration of the plan.

Inflation-Proof Fixed Prices - All service prices are fixed for the duration of the plan.
Alternative Transport - Pre-booked service loan vehicle or collection and delivery service.
Free Wash and Vacuum - We will wash and vacuum your vehicle before it is returned to you.
Free Puncture Repairs - We will repair your damaged tyres free of charge (where legally possible).
Free Health Check - Free health check for your vehicle.

See The Benefits

Why choose a TMS Service Plan?

• It’s a plan fixing the cost of services at today’s prices for the duration of the plan.
• It’s transferable to your next car.
• It can be cancelled at any time, so there is no contract at all to consider.
• It’s just a great way to spread the cost and enjoy servicing peace of mind.

Service Plan Quote

How your TMS Service Plan works

It is really simple. Your monthly Direct Debit covers the cost of all routine maintenance work – and any additional benefits included – for the service intervals shown on your documentation.

By maintaining your payments, you will have enough money in your account ready to pay for the work required when your service and/or MOT’s due. The possible exception to this is if you cover a greater mileage than originally estimated when your plan was created, which would mean your service was due ahead of your payment schedule. Whilst this means that you would need to ‘top-up’ your payment, you could also arrange to reschedule your Direct Debit to accommodate your higher mileage.

The good news is; by opting for a TMS Service Plan, you will have paid for the work required before your vehicle visits the service department. Your TMS Service Plan can be tailored to suit all your vehicle servicing needs. What’s more, your TMS Service Plan is inflation-proof; if the price of parts and/or labour increases during the term of the plan, no problem - you won’t pay more.

Depending on the TMS Service Plan you purchased and your own individual needs, you may have opted for additional benefits. This can include regular MOTs, health checks and fluid changes.

Check your TMS documentation pack for more details.

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TMS Service Plan Terms and Conditions

A TMS Service Plan can be cancelled or transferred at any time with no cancellation fee. Payments and refunds will be calculated accordingly. Service intervals for your vehicle can be found in your vehicles service book. TMS Service Plans and associated additional discounts/benefits cannot be used in conjunction with any manufacturers and/or TMS promotion. A TMS Service Plan covers the complete cost of standard vehicle servicing, including parts and labour. TMS Service Plans are available for all types of car and car-derived vans, although we reserve the right to withdraw/amend the terms of a Service Plan where your vehicle is not based on a manufacturers standard specification.