0% Interest on Bodyshop Repairs

One of our TMS SMART Repair technicians working on a vehicle

Spread the cost of your bodyshop repairs at TMS Motor Group

Whether it's a minor paint chip, dent, or any bodywork damage to your vehicle, you can now spread the costs of these expenses into affordable monthly payments at no extra cost.

Introducing Bumper. With Bumper, you can pay in instalments with 0% interest*, making it easy and affordable to keep your vehicle looking its best.

Starting from as low as £60 and going up to £5,000, you can spread the costs into equal monthly amounts, with the first payment made on the day. Depending on the total cost, you can choose to divide your payments into a maximum of 6 instalments.

Whether you need to have light scratches or scuffs fixed on your vehicle, address large areas of paintwork, or even repair your alloy wheels, simply ask to pay with Bumper.

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How it works

When you contact our TMS Motor Group Bodyshop, simply mention Pay with Bumper to a member of our team. They will assist you with exploring your options and guide you through the online application process.

Pay with Bumper Example.

The total cost is £360, which can be paid in three equal instalments of £120 each, with the first payment made on the day, resulting in a total payment of £360 with zero interest.

Contact our TMS Motor Group Bodyshop

For more information on the Bumper payment option, please get in touch.

TMS Motor Group Bodyshop: 01455 899500

* PayLater (0% Interest) is a form of credit provided by Bumper International Limited subject to status. By using Bumper, you are taking out a form of credit and must be certain you can meet the payments throughout the term. 18+, UK residents only. There are no fees, interest, or additional charges, however missed payments may incur a one-off £12 administration fee. Failure to meet repayments will lead to a negative impact on your credit score that may affect your ability to borrow in the future. In extreme cases, recovering missed payments may include using a responsible debt collection agency, or as a last resort, taking legal action. Bumper’s instalment credit products are not currently regulated by the FCA. T&Cs apply.