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The New Kia Picanto Motability Offers

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The small and compact Kia Picanto is the perfect city car that offers a high level of comfort all round

The Kia Picanto is a compact and versatile city car that is perfect for Motability customers. With its compact size, the Picanto is easy to manoeuvre through tight city streets and parking spaces. It also offers excellent fuel efficiency, making it a cost-effective option for those who need to travel frequently.

The interior of the Picanto is spacious and comfortable, with plenty of room for passengers and luggage. Five doors for easy access to the back seats and a large boot capacity.

If you are looking for a small and compact city car that offers you 7 years of worry-free motoring, via Kia’s 7 Year warranty, the Kia Picanto is the perfect Motability car for your needs.

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Latest Prices for the Kia Picanto with Motability

Easily accessible and with affordable advance payment – each model in the Kia Motability range has been specially selected to make your life simpler. But it doesn't stop there. You’ll also enjoy cutting-edge safety systems as standard. Stylish ergonomic interiors. A choice of dynamic fuel-efficient engines.

Take a look at our Picanto Motability Offers below or discuss the benefits of choosing a Picanto on Motability with one of our experts today

Full DescriptionCiv APCiv AllowanceWP APWP Allowance
Kia Picanto 2 1.0 62bhp 5-speed Manual £0.00 £66.25 £0.00 £66.25
Kia Picanto 2 1.0 62bhp 5-speed AMT £0.00 £67.50 £0.00 £67.50
Kia Picanto GT-Line 1.0 62bhp 5-speed Manual £0.00 £68.25 £0.00 £68.25
Kia Picanto GT-Line 1.0 62bhp 5-speed AMT £0.00 £69.50 £0.00 £69.50
Kia Picanto 3 1.0 62bhp 5-speed Manual £0.00 £67.25 £0.00 £67.25
Kia Picanto 3 1.0 62bhp 5-speed AMT £0.00 £68.50 £0.00 £68.50
Kia Picanto GT-Line S 1.2 77bhp 5-speed Manual £0.00 £69.25 £0.00 £69.25
Kia Picanto GT-Line S 1.2 77bhp 5-speed AMT £0.00 £70.50 £0.00 £70.50

CIV AP– Civil Advance Payment; CIV Allowance- Civil Allowance; WP AP- War Pensioners Advance Payment; WP Allowance- War Pensioners Allowance

The Kia 7 Year Warranty

With Kia, you get 7 years of driving pleasure, 7 years of fun, 7 years of adventure, excitement and exhilaration. Not to mention 7 years of lower running costs and 7 years peace of mind.

The Key Benefits of the Kia car warranty are:-

  1. Kia cars are built according to the highest automotive industry manufacturing standards. With Kia's exceptional quality they have the confidence to offer you the longest new car cover in Europe.
  2. Kia is the only manufacturer in Europe to offer a 7 year warranty across the range.
  3. The Kia 7 year warranty is transferable to later owners. Which means a 3-year-old Kia will still have a remaining warranty that is longer than many of its competitor’s new car warranties.
  4. With Kia offering a 7 year warranty, the cost of maintaining your car will be considerably lower and offer you peace of mind and 7 years of worry-free motoring.
  5. In the unlikely event of a warranty claim, both parts and labour costs are covered for travel within Europe and your warranty is still valid.

For further information on the Kia 7 Year warranty visit