Winter Health Check - Only £30

Get your Kia winter ready with our Winter Health Check

Driving in winter can be challenging thanks to slippery roads and poor visibility that can impact your driving. However, you can reduce your risk of an accident or a breakdown by booking your car in for a Winter Health Check at your local TMS Kia, where our Kia trained technicians will carry out a series of checks on your car to make sure you are winter ready.

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What is included in our Winter Health Check?

During your Winter Health Check, our Kia trained technicians will check the following:-

Tyres - We will check the car's tread depths, along with the overall condition of your tyres.

Battery - We will test the battery's charge to ensure you can keep moving this winter.

Coolant / Anti-Freeze - We will check the strength and levels. Antifreeze is important to help freezing water from splitting engine hoses, pipes and causing leaks.

Wiper Blades - We will inspect your car's wipers for splits or any damage as well as the operation of the windscreen wash system.

Fluids - As motor oil behaves differently at very cold temperatures, we will check the car's oil level as too much or too little oil in a car can damage a car's engine.

Light Bulbs - All the car's light bulbs will be checked as visibility is difficult in winter, so you need to have reliable and well-maintained lights. It is a legal requirement for all your car's exterior lights to be operational.

Once your Winter Health Check has been completed our trained Kia technician will discuss it with you and provide help and guidance if any elements do not meet the safety requirements.

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