Kia Affinity Offers

At Kia we wholeheartedly respect the relationships we enjoy with our corporate partners.

As part of their service, KIA has a variety of offers available to those associated with their Affinity Programme.

If you are a member or employee of an organisation that is part of KIA's Affinity Programme please give our team a call and we will be happy to discuss with you what is available or click here to visit KIA Online for all their current Affinity Programme Offers.

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What is Kia Affinity?

Here at Kia we wholeheartedly respect the positive relationships we have built with our corporate partners.

In recognition of these great relationships, we have launched the Kia Affinity scheme to bring great savings on new Kia cars to employees of selected corporate partners.

Q. What is Kia Affinity?
A. The Affinity offer is a special scheme where employees of selected organisations and approved partners can benefit from great savings on a range of new Kia vehicles.

Q. How does it work?
A. Simply register with your organisation’s unique Affinity code - you can then log in and view the cars and current offers that are available to you. Once you have configured the model that is right for you, select the dealer you would like to work with, submit your enquiry and they will contact you to discuss it further. There is no commitment to purchase at this point.

Q. How do I access the Kia Affinity Scheme?
A. Check with your organisation to see if they are part of the Kia Affinity scheme. If so, you will need their unique Affinity code to register. If you are not sure, or want more information on how to access our Affinity scheme, contact our dedicated Affinity support team.

Q. Am I eligible?
A. The Affinity scheme is offered to employees of our selected corporate partners as well as immediate family of the employee, living at the same address.

Q. How do I order?
A. If you would like to order a new Kia car through the Affinity scheme, a quote must be generated via this website and submitted to your chosen Kia dealer. Upon ordering your new car, you will need to provide proof of employment with an approved corporate partner and proof of identification (photo ID, address and Date of Birth).

Q. Proof of eligibility.
A. Your chosen Kia dealer will need to see your proof of employment with an approved partner and your identification (as detailed above). Once the dealership confirm that your details match the scheme requirements, you will then need to sign our Authorisation form to confirm your eligibility for the scheme.

Q. Will Kia keep my proof documents?
A. You will not be required to leave original documents or copies with your Kia dealer should you wish to purchase a car on the Affinity scheme.

Q. Can I combine retail offers with Affinity?
A. The Affinity scheme savings cannot be combined with any other Kia offer.

Q. Do the Affinity savings change?
A. Every quarter we review the Affinity scheme savings to ensure that the deals on offer are as strong as possible.