Kia Personal Contract Hire (PCH)

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Personal Contract Hire in detail

This sort of car finance deal is effectively a long-term rental agreement. Personal contract hire or personal lease is a simple, hassle free way of getting a new car for a fixed monthly sum.

The Benefits:

  • Effective long-term rental agreement
  • simple and hassle free
  • fixed monthly sum
  • no ballon sum to worry about

How it works:

  • You choose your perfect Kia and then we work out the finance details based on the information you provide us with.
  • Contract hire and leasing deals typically run over two or three years, with an agreed mileage limit applied to the car.
  • You’ll pay a deposit and then monthly repayments.
  • There’s no option to buy when you reach the end of the term, so no balloon sum to worry about.

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