Kia Contract Hire

Kia EV9 avaiable on contract hire for your business

Maximise Your Business Potential with Kia Contract Hire

Kia Contract Hire is not just about leasing vehicles; it's a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses. As your trusted Kia franchise dealership, TMS Kia is committed to providing a seamless fleet management experience that goes beyond expectations.

Your fleet can benefit from compelling finance and contract hire rates, and you can be kept up to date with regular electronic updates of product news, exclusive offers and the reassurance that comes from using an authorised Kia Dealership.

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Included Services:

When you choose Kia Contract Hire, you benefit from a range of included services, making your business journey smoother:

Road Fund Licence: Enjoy peace of mind with the road fund licence included for the entire duration of your contract.

Vehicle Service Management: Kia Contract Hire offers a quick and easy solution for service and repair bookings. Keep your fleet in top condition effortlessly.

Contract Flexibility: Need to make adjustments? No problem. Kia Contract Hire allows you to amend your contract terms, mileage, or type to align with your evolving business requirements.

Optional Services:

For an even more tailored experience, Kia Contract Hire offers optional services to enhance your fleet management:

Fixed-Price Maintenance: Take advantage of routine servicing, maintenance, tire replacements, battery changes, and exhaust repairs with our optional fixed-price maintenance package.

Online Management Reporting: Stay in control with online management reporting via your supplying dealer. Access key insights to optimise your fleet's performance.

Breakdown Cover and Accident Management: Kia Contract Hire has you covered in unexpected situations with optional services like breakdown cover and accident management.

Flexible Contract Changes:

With Kia Contract Hire, flexibility is at your fingertips. Amend your contract term, mileage, or type to meet the changing needs of your business. We understand that flexibility is crucial, and we empower you to adapt as your business evolves.

Early Termination and Excess Mileage:

Should your business requirements change unexpectedly,  Kia Contract Hire offers solutions. In the event of early termination, our charges, aligned with industry standards, reflect the loss to Kia Car Leasing, with a standard charge of 50% of the remaining rentals. Manage excess mileage efficiently with our pooled mileage facility for 10 or more Kia Car Leasing vehicles.

Fair Wear and Tear Policy:

Our fair wear and tear policy ensure a realistic approach to vehicle condition. Kia Contract Hire only charges for damaged or missing items beyond fair wear and tear, supported by the BVRLA-approved visual guide.

Dedicated Partnership:

Kia Contract Hire is more than a service; it's a partnership dedicated to achieving a complete transport solution for your business. To harness the resources of our Kia Contract Hire for your business, contact our sales team. Drive your business forward with confidence, supported by the reliability, flexibility, and comprehensive services that Kia Contract Hire brings to the forefront of fleet management.

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