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Kia Electric Vehicle FAQs

With electric vehicles becoming increasingly popular, we have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions relating to the new generation of electric vehicles.

Here, we hope you’ll find some of the answers, but if you are unsure about any terminology or need more information please get in touch, we are here to help.

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Your questions answered on Kia Electric Vehicles

Q. What is an electric car?
A.An electric car uses a battery pack and electric motors to power it, in place of a traditional petrol or diesel engine.

Q. How does an electric car work?
A.Electric cars have one or two electric motors which are powered by a battery pack. These propel the car in place of a combustion engine. The battery pack must be plugged into an electrical source to be charged.

Q. Why should I buy an electric Kia?
A. Electric Kia offers a combination of efficiency, reliability, and advanced technology. With zero emissions, they provide an eco-friendly driving experience while offering modern features and ample driving range.

Q. Are electric Kia’s more expensive than traditional cars?
A. While the upfront cost of electric Kias may be higher, they often have lower operating and maintenance costs over the vehicle's lifetime. Additionally, many governments offer incentives to reduce the purchase price of electric vehicles.

Q. How far can electric Kia’s travel on a single charge?
A. The range of electric Kias varies depending on the model and battery size. However, many electric Kias can travel over 200 miles on a single charge, making them suitable for daily commutes and longer journeys. The Kia EV6 has an official range of 316 miles.

Q. Does weather impact electric cars?
A. Cold temperatures can reduce an electric vehicle's range, similar to the effects it has on petrol consumption in a petrol-powered car. An electric vehicle, however, like the new Kia EV6 will perform well in all weathers.

Q. Can electric car batteries be recycled?
A. The batteries that power electric cars can be recycled. The batteries, with their lighter weight and longer range, are lithium-ion type – just like laptops and mobile phones.

Q. Are electric Kia Vehicles suitable for long road trips?
A. Many electric Kia’s are equipped with fast-charging capabilities, allowing you to recharge quickly during long journeys. Additionally, Kia's electric models offer ample space, comfort, and modern amenities for road trips.

Q. Do electric Kias have the same performance as traditional cars?
A. In many cases, electric Kia’s offer superior performance compared to traditional cars. Electric motors deliver instant torque, resulting in quick acceleration and responsive handling.

Q. Are electric cars safe?
A. Electric vehicles are fitted with the latest safety measures to ensure the safety of occupants and other road users.

Q. Do electric cars need oil?
A. Oil is not needed for electric cars. This means they don't need regular oil changes – unlike petrol cars that need regular and sometimes expensive servicing – and they are generally cheaper to maintain.

Q. Do electric cars need an MOT?
A. Electric cars have to pass the MOT test – like any other vehicle – after three years. The main difference is that there's no emissions test. Everything else like the brakes, suspension, lights, steering components, bearings etc. still applies.

Q. Are electric cars better for the environment?
A.Due to the reduced CO2 emissions, electric cars are better for the environment than petrol or diesel cars.

Q. What electric cars are available?
A.At TMS Kia, we have a range of electric cars available. Browse our new and used car pages to discover them.

Q. Are electric cars automatic?
A.Fully electric vehicles don’t require gear changes, meaning they’re essentially driven like an automatic petrol or diesel car. Some hybrids come with manual transmission – our team can provide further details.

Q. Should I buy an electric car?
A. The choice of whether to buy an electric car is, of course, entirely yours. With more and more vehicles becoming electrified, there are plenty of hybrid options if you’re not ready to go all-electric. Our sales advisors can make recommendations based on your needs.

Q. Are electric cars worth it?
A.Electric vehicles are certainly worth investing in. They are cheaper to run than petrol and diesel cars and are better for the environment since they produce much lower or zero CO2 emissions.

Q. Are electric vehicles cheaper to run than petrol?
A.On the whole, electric vehicles are cheaper to run. Electricity is cheaper than fuel, and services may cost less too.

Electric Vehicle Charging FAQs

Want to know all about how to charge your Kia Electric Vehicle, or how long it takes to charge your EV? Visit our dedicated EV Charging page.

Electric Vehicle Charging FAQs

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