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With Volvo Part Exchange you can find out the value of your car so you can turn the car you have into the one you want.your own pace.

We’ll give you an indicative valuation on your car online or at a Volvo retailer. The process is fast and simple, and you can use the equity towards the new car of your choice. We provide you with an indicative valuation after you have entered some details about your current car in our online tool. You’ll then receive a final valuation figure in person, confirmed by one of our authorised retailers. We are happy to offer a valuation on any car, regardless of model type or year.

How much is your car worth?

Enter a few details about your current car and receive an indicative valuation right away.

Value Your Car​

How it works

1 - Get an indicative valuation online

First, get an indicative valuation on your current car by using our online tool. Please bear in mind that this valuation will decline if you are ordering a car with a long delivery time.

2 - Place your order

When placing your order, you confirm your interest in part exchanging your current vehicle and can use the valuation sum to define the deposit on your new car.

3 - Inspection by retailer

The retailer will contact you to schedule a confirmed valuation on your current car, which will take place a couple of weeks before your new car is ready.

4 - Confirm the deal

We will then email you the final part exchange contribution for you to agree on and confirm.

5 - Make your down payment

Once the valuation is confirmed, you can use the value as a whole or in part, to contribute to the deposit on your new car.

6 - Leave and collect

Your new car is now ready for collection. Just bring the vehicle you are trading in, leave it with us, and drive away in your new Volvo.

What affects the value of your car?

Age and mileage

Other than vehicle condition, the two other key factors when valuing any car are how old it is and how far it has been driven. It’s an unavoidable fact that new cars lose value fairly steadily in the initial years of usage and as the miles clock up on the odometer.

Service history

Servicing your car regularly according to your service plan helps maintain value, while keeping a service history logbook with relevant updates provides confidence and transparency for prospective buyers. Having a full service history with manufacturer services can result in a better valuation compared to having a full service history without manufacturer services.

Current market prices

Nothing you can control, but market fluctuations in price can have a major effect on how much you can expect to receive for your current car. Keeping an eye on these can prove useful when choosing when to trade in.

Contact us

For further help and guidance please contact a member of our team.

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