The Kia Picanto

The Kia Picanto follows its incredibly successful predecessor as a triumph of modern car design. With a stunning new look, our city car is still an extremely compact 5-seat hatchback available in 5 door and 3 door models, with much improved cabin space, crisper handling, more powerful and economical engines and a level of interior finesse that will delight you.

Picanto Model Type Advance Payment
Picanto '1 Air' 1.0 68bhp 5sp £0.00
Picanto 'SE' 1.0 65bhp 5sp ISG £0.00
Picanto 'SE' 1.25 84bhp 4sp AT £0.00
Picanto 'Sport' 1.25 84bhp 5sp ISG £0.00
Picanto 'Sport' 1.25 84bhp 4sp AT £0.00