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The Polestar Engineered Volvo S60 available at TMS Volvo
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Close up view of the Volvo S60 Polestar alloy wheels
Volvo S60 Polestar alloy wheels

With more than 20 years racing experience, Polestar is at the forefront when it comes to performance optimisation. What we learn from motorsport, we take into the development of new products. The goal is always the same - to offer all Volvo owners an even greater driving experience.

Our optimisation is the result of careful development work within five key areas. Together they form a balanced, well proven and thoroughly tested package of driving pleasure. Polestar Performance Optimisation enhances driving pleasure and increases the performance of your Volvo. The technology has been developed by Polestar in close cooperation with engineers at Volvo. The car feels more active to drive while simultaneously increasing safety in situations where further performance is required, for example when overtaking.

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Polestar Performance Optimisation is not available for all engines.

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Next Generation Performance - Polestar Engineering Optimisation

Optimising the complete powertrain

All engines are optimised with a focus on torque and power within the speed range that the driver usually uses, i.e. the midrange. The increased performance comes when it is needed most; for overtaking, on long up-hills or when driving with heavy trailers, which provides increased safety, as better acceleration reduces the time it takes to overtake.

For cars with the new Drive-E (VEA) engine, Polestar engineers have taken a holistic approach to take the driving experience to a new level. No less than five key functions have been optimised to provide faster response, better balance and more intuitive driving. This results in a car that responds quickly and predictably, which is important for those who engage in active driving, whether on the racetrack or on the road.

The following features have been optimised to deliver a better, more balanced and stronger driving experience.

Quicker overtaking

Throttle response has been recalibrated to provide improved feedback and acceleration reaction - ideal for overtaking or during active driving on a twisting road.

Improved predictability and control*

The engine and gearbox have been calibrated to provide faster responses when the driver suddenly releases the throttle, providing predictability and control.

* Automatic gearbox only

Faster gear shifts and acceleration*

Shift speed has been increased, allowing the car to accelerate faster and react more directly to driver input.

* Automatic gearbox only

Better precision, smarter gear shifts*

Gearshift have been optimised to provide a more precise driving experience with faster acceleration. Shift points have been calibrated to utilise the optimised mid-range engine performance, while the gear-hold function maintains the same gear when cornering with high lateral g-force.

* Automatic gearbox only

More power when it matters

All Drive-E Optimisations are made to provide greater performance in the engine's mid-range powerband - perfect for the sporty driver when overtaking, entering a highway or exiting a corner.

Increased torque to the rear wheels for a more dynamic experience

Increased torque to the rear wheels for a more dynamic experience results in both improved control during cornering and better traction at take-off. Available for non-hybrid SPA and CMA vehicles with AWD from model year 2016 and onwards.

Polestar brake upgrade
Interior of the Polestar Engineered Volvo S60
Polestar Engineered S60 exhaust tips

All of this is offered without an increase in the certified fuel consumption or emissions level, which means that the car's environmental impact remains unchanged.

The optimisation can only be installed by authorised Volvo dealers whilst maintaining Volvo's original warranty and installation can be carried out quickly when the car is in for a service or a tyre change for example.

Visit for updated information on the offers available with prices starting from £765.

Enhance your Volvo car in approximately 60 minutes

Our optimisations are installed – in about an hour – by authorized Volvo Cars dealers. Your original warranty and service intervals are unaffected, as are fuel consumption and emission levels (g/km).

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