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Polestar Performance Optimisation enhances driving pleasure and increases the performance of your Volvo. The technology has been developed by Polestar in close cooperation with engineers at Volvo.

The car feels more active to drive while simultaneously increasing safety in situations where further performance is required, for example when overtaking.

All engines are optimised with a focus on torque and power within the speed range that the driver usually uses, i.e. the midrange. The increased performance comes when it is needed most; for overtaking, on long up-hills or when driving with heavy trailers, which provides increased safety, as better acceleration reduces the time it takes to overtake.

For cars with the new Drive-E (VEA) engine, not only is the engine power optimised but so is gearbox and throttle response. The gearbox changes more quickly, does not change gear in the middle of a bend during active driving and throttle response is re-calibrated for a more active driving feel.

All of this is offered without an increase in the certified fuel consumption or emissions level, which means that the car's environmental impact remains unchanged.

The optimisation can only be installed by authorised Volvo dealers whilst maintaining Volvo's original warranty and installation can be carried out quickly when the car is in for a service or a tyre change for example.

Visit for updated information on the offers available with prices starting from £835.

Please Note:

Polestar Performance Optimisation is not available for all engines. To find out whether your Volvo can be optimised, visit or contact us today.

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Volvo Polestar Performance
RICA Engineering

Alternatively, if your Volvo is over 3 years and no longer covered by the manufacturers warranty, we are also able to offer performance upgrades by RICA Engineering.

RICA engineering develop unique software for performance upgrading the engine management (ecm) for all kinds of cars and engines (diesel and petrol) and have done since 1992. Through a wide network of dealers and tuning centres, exporting tuning products to over 30 countries worldwide.

In their R&D offices in the Netherlands and Sweden, the best automotive software is developed with highly advanced techniques. The complete engine management will be optimised with RICA software. That they are professionals, and is shown with their success in motorsport.

RICRICA iSoftloaderA upgrades can either be installed by ourselves as a RICA dealer, or by yourself with the iSoftloader unit. RICA Engineering never stop working on their software. Everything is performance tested and checked on their modern MAHA 4WD rollingroad, capable of handling power up to 850hp.

This way RICA can guarantee that the original RICA ECM upgrades will not cause harm to the engine or gearbox of your car and remain dealer compliant.

With the RICA ECM upgrades you choose professionalism, high quality, high service, reliability and safety.

Contact us today for more details or a quote, or alternatively head over to for more details.