Redevelopment work begins at TMS Volvo Coventry

An artist's rendition of the TMS Volvo Coventry dealership after work is completed.

  • A redevelopment project has begun at TMS Volvo Coventry to transform the dealership into a Volvo Retail Experience (VRE).
  • The VRE initiative focuses on improving the space and design of the dealership and will be built from the ground up at TMS Coventry.
  • Work began on the project on Monday 9th April 2018 and is expected to be finished before the end of the year.

Work has begun at TMS Volvo Coventry, as we start a full redevelopment program of the dealership to create a bigger and better Volvo retail experience than ever before.

Once the project is completed, the dealership will be completely revitalised with the Volvo Retail Experience (VRE). VRE focuses on the space and design of the dealership and is designed to reflect Scandinavian-inspired values of calm, clean lines with ‘cool on the outside and warm on the inside’-style architecture.

The aim of VRE is to create an environment for customers in which high levels of visual transparency are key. Large exterior and interior glazing allows customers to see all activity in the new workshops, turning the spotlight on what is often regarded as ‘behind-the-scenes’. Inside the showroom, there is a balanced focus on physical and digital presentation, making sure the sales and service areas are completely integrated to deliver an open, holistic environment..

Despite the ongoing work, the Coventry dealership is still open for business as normal and our Sales and Servicing teams will continue to provide customers with TMS Volvo's famous family-like care.

Updates on the project's progress will be documented down below.


Update 20/04/18:

As an uncharacteristic April heatwave descends on Coventry, the redevelopment project starts to get into full swing. The back wall of the dealership building has been completely torn down, exposing the old Volvo workshop ready for its VRE face-lift. The Volvo showroom has also been completely emptied and work has begun to remove the interior walls and insulation.


Update 03/05/18:

Whilst the weather has now calmed down slightly in Coventry, the redevelopment work has only picked up the pace. The workshop at the back of the dealership has been cleaned out and is now ready for the next stage of work to begin inside. Back at the front of the dealership building, workers have been busy digging trenches to allow them access to the piping that sits beneath the ground.

Update 18/05/18:

Big progress has been made since the last update, as work has begun on tearing down the front wall of the dealership. Once this old entrance wall has been removed, the front of the dealership can be extended forwards towards the parking and pitch area to allow for a more spacious Volvo Retail Experience interior area.

Update 04/06/18:

An update report from inside of the dealership this time. The reception area and showroom are completely stripped now, as progress moves forward to turn TMS Volvo Coventry into a Volvo Retail Experience dealership. With the inside structure reduced to bare walls and supports, the showroom space can now be expanded outwards towards the car park as planned.


Update 26/06/18:

It's easy to see the full extent of the dealership's front and back extension now, as the steel skeleton frame is set into place in preparation for the new outside walls. With a roof also starting to come together on top of the frame, it won't be too long until the redevelopment project moves onto to taking down the old outside walls.

Update 18/07/18:

The summer heatwave appears to be coming to an end, but the redevelopment project continues to heat up at the TMS Volvo Coventry dealership. The outside cladding has now been added to the extension's steel frame, giving the dealership exterior some visible structure. Once all of the cladding has been installed, further work can progress on the exterior details, such as doors and windows.


Update 21/08/18:

Fantastic progress has been made at the TMS Volvo Coventry dealership over the last month. With the external cladding and windows now finished, and the interior walls and features almost complete, it's easier than ever to visualise what the final TMS Volvo VRE dealership will look like.